Art & Shamanism

I believe that we can share the experience and visions.
And you have proved that it is true.
We share the understanding of pictures, words, movement, symbolism, rhythms and emotions.

– Dalva-

Tracks in the snow (c) Eeva Pentikäinen 2016

Tracks in the snow
(c) Eeva Pentikäinen 2016


The Human Story
video installation, HD, 82 min

The Human Story is a video installation where experts from different fields tell their own versions of the story of the human race. How is the story seen from the perspective of evolutionary biology, theology or astronomy? How were humans born? Is there a purpose to human existence? What will happen to humans in the future?

I interviewed each expert around a fire in an Iron Age hut on a dark winter evening. I edited the interviews into a polyphonic story where different worldviews live side by side.

Producer, director, interviewer, screenwriter, film editor: Henna Laininen

Ilkka Hanski, ecologist
Kaisa Kariranta, theologian
Dalva Lamminmäki, folklorist
Tuulikki Pietilä, anthropologist
Antti Salminen, philosopher
Seita Vuorela, author
Miikka Väisälä, astronomer
Hamed Shafae, Master of Social Science, member of the Finnish Human Rights Delegation

Director of photography: Turkka Tervonen
Gaffer: Aarni Vaarnamo, Vesa Rajala
Sound recorder: Vesa Rajala, Kalle Kuisma
Production assistant, still-photographer, catering: Mikael Kinanen
Color grader, installing: Henna Laininen
Color grading assistant: Turkka Tervonen
Sound designer: Eero Nieminen
Technical realisation of installation: Eero Nieminen, Henna Laininen, Vesa Rajala, Jarmo Somppi

In memory of Seita Vuorela.

At The Human Story by Henna Laininen (C) Mikael Kinanen

The Human Story (c) Henna Laininen


January 2015

Acheulian Theatre is a meeting between physical theatre artist, Philippa Hambly and performance-maker and art writer, Samantha Jayne Williams. Both work internationally and between cultures and disciplines. They came to Finland to look for meanings of Kalevala runes and myths behind it. As they say: “An archivist digs into the archives to discover the truth about women. Journeying through the magical landscape of the Kalevala, contemporary and ancient women come to testify to their experience. But are they telling the truth? Or do their stories represent another type of myth? Can truth be recorded? Who is the archivist? And who – or what- is her strange assistant? Or are they all expressions of the mask that ventriloquizes them?”

For days and nights we talked about rituals, Kalevala, meanings of words, Bear, myths, archetypes and oral tradition. We did build bridges between different culture, language and individual’s. I have a great respect for these two women as they dive in to myths and meanings with passion to the work. Performance dates and more info: Acheulian Theatre

(c) Acheulian 2015

(c) Acheulian 2015


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