Johdatus suomalais-ugrilaiseen samanismiin/ suomalaiseen noita- ja tietäjälaitokseen

21.2.2015 JOENSUU,  kello 12.00-18.00

Päivän aikana tutustumme mytologisten ja talteen kerättyjen kirjoitusten sekä kalliomaalausten kautta suomalaisen kansanperinteen samanistisiin kerroksiin. Opimme tunnistaamaan niiden symboliikkaa ja merkityksen.

-Samanistinen maailmankuva suomalais- ugrilaisesta näkökulmasta
-Maailmansynty ja elementit
-Karhu, Hirvi ja kalliomaalaukset
-Animistinen sielu- usko ja etävainajala
-Alinen, keskinen ja ylinen
-Kannus(rumpu) ja alttari
-Samanismin ydin: LUONTO, ihmisen kohtalonyhteys luonnon kanssa

Päivä sisältää rumpupiiri työskentelyä.

Päivän hinta joka sisältää opetuksen, rumpupiirin, lounaan ja kahvit 90e.

Opettajana toimii Dalva Lamminmäki Suomalaisen samanismin keskuksesta.

Tarkempi ohjelma sekä ilmoittautumiset 04.02.2015 mennessä


Canada, 2 December 2013- 8 January 2014

05.01.2014 11:00am -4:30pm Toronto
Shamanic Painting ~ with Dalva Lamminmaki and Hazel Bell-Koski

In this day of co-creation we will journey to the beat of Dalva Lamminmäki’s drum and the colour of Hazel’s paint brush. This day grew out of Dalva’s vision and dream of sharing space and co-creating with a painter.

“Shamanic journeys are visions, pictures, feelings, dreams, and symbols. They are a method of inner consultation and a way of communicating with your higher self and your spirit helpers. They are multi-layered experiences that take you to unexpected landscapes of colour, structure, patterns, songs, stories, animals, and teachers. When I drum I go to a dynamic place of colour and movement, light and darkness. It has been my dream to collaborate with a painter and see where the drum and the rhythm will take us? Will we meet in a shared landscape of our collective consciousness? When I hit my drum with the drumstick and the artist touches the canvas with a brush, there is a rhythm. Our rhythm makes pictures.” ~ Dalva Lamminmaki

Dalva Lamminmäki is a teacher with the Center for Finno-Ugric Shamanism in Helsinki, Finland. She will introduce the ancient shamanic healing tradition of Finland, that continues to this day.

Hazel Bell-Koski is a multidisciplinary artist, transormative educator, and intergenerational community weaver. Her first language in colour.

Register at

Finnish Shamanism Workshop
December 14, 2013, Toronto
From 12-5pm

Shamanism is the oldest and most natural form of spirituality and healing. Shamanism has been practiced all over the world. Shamans work with Earth, trees, animals, elements, plants, minerals, nature spirits, and most nature kingdoms. According to the shamninistic world view everybody and everything has a soul: the earth, the stones, the trees, the animals along with human beings.
Finnish shamanic traditions relating to nature and spirit, topic discussions, journeying and meditation aided by drumming along with the following:

-Shamanistic wordview/Shamanistic time
-Connecting to Nature
-Shamanism and traditional healing
-Mythology of Finno-ugric area
-Learning to journey and connecting with your spirit guides/helpers :
In the workshop we are doing two drummings. The first is meditation (about 30 min.) and second for journey (about 1 hour). You can bring drum or rattle.

More info and register by email:
Please send info to

Shamanic Drumming Circle, Finno-Ugric tradition in Toronto
 15.12.2013 and 04.01.2014  

These drumming circles follow the ancient traditions of Finno-Ugric shamanism. Together, we create a sacred space,opening the circle with ceremony and journeying with help of spirits and nature.

681 Markham St., Toronto (Somatic Stretch Studio)
More info and register by email:
Please send info to (your name, date of drummingcircle you want to be in). You will receive a confirmation email.


“Suomalainen kansanperinne ja luontoyhteys”, luento Sysmässä 9.11.2013

Luontoemo järjestää sysmäläisen Itteviikon päätteeksi luennon Kunnanvirastolla. Dalva Lamminmäki Suomalaisen samanismin keskuksesta tulee kertomaan aiheesta “Suomalainen kansanperinne ja luontoyhteys”

Aika: lauantai 9.11. klo 10-12

Paikka: Valtuustosali, Sysmän Kunnantalo


Italy, 26 August- 6 September 2013

WOMEN’ S DRUM CIRCLE in Uscio, Italy 30-31.8.2013

In this retreat we will be living as a Women’s Circle. Spend stress-free weekend, in the healing power of nature and drum.

6 pm Gathering the circle
7-9 pm Supper
9-11 pm Opening the circle

Until 10am Breakfast
10 – 12:00 pm Dreams (Tree seremony)
12:30 – 1:30 pm Lunch in the garden
1:30 – 3 pm Drum journey
3 – 5:00 pm Free Time
5:00 – 6:30 pm Dinner
8:00 – 10:00 pm Sacred Fire drumming and closing the circle

More information: (Italian)


August 7th- 11th 2013, Somerset, Glastonbury

Inner Fire Gathering:

Drumming and attending to the gathering


Canada, 8 April – 5 May 2013

10 April, Thunder Bay
“The Story of Finnish Shamanism”
Dalva Lamminmäki will be visiting Thunder Bay from Finland to share with Lakehead University the ancient wisdom and healing traditions of Finno-Ugric shamanism and Finnish folklore that continue to this day. A short talk will be followed by a demonstration of drumming and chanting, and discussion.

Lakehead University
Date: Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Location: Braun Building BB2006
Time: 7:00 P.M.

24 April, Toronto
Dalva Lamminmäki will be visiting Toronto to share with Canadian Friends of Finland the ancient wisdom and healing traditions of Finno-Ugric shamanism and Finnish folklore that continue to this day. A short talk will be followed by a demonstration of drumming and chanting, and discussion.
After the presentation, refreshments of coffee and pulla will be served.
Dalva is a healer in the tradition of Finno-Ugric shamanism. Her background is in the ancient practices of the Karelia area of Finland, where she has ancestral ties. Dalva is a teacher with the Center for Finno-Ugric Shamanism, Helsinki.

Admission is free.

Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Time: 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Location: Croft Chapter House in University College, University of Toronto
15 Kings College Circle

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  1. eric esko jalonen says:

    I look fwd to learning. My granmother is was from karelia area.

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