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Back in Canada

I did get amazing chance to go back to Canada and meet new and old friends. It seems that there is still need to talk more about our connection to nature and what it means. Lately in my mind has … Continue reading

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Sysmän terveiset

Luontoemo-kaupan omistajan, ystäväni Pauliina Silvan kutsumana lähdin Sysmän Itteviikon päätteeksi luennoimaan kunnanviraston auditorioon. Aiheenani oli  “Suomalainen kansanperinne ja luontoyhteys”. Matkalla Sysmään katselin maisemia ja ajattelin, että jokaisella paikkakunnalla on omanlaisensa pyhä luontoyhteys, joka näkyy vaikka luontomme onkin hyvin samantyyppistä paikkakunnasta … Continue reading

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An old saying, still heard in Finland today, says, Jokaisen on kayttaydyttava saunaaa samalla tavalla kuin kirkossa.” (“In the sauna one must conduct himself as one would in church.”) This strict reverence protected the Finnish sauna from the corruption that … Continue reading

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Tree worship

At my grandmothers home yard stands a big birch. Its been planted by my grandmothers mother. It is still at the yard today and my grandmother feels that her mother is in the homeland, because the the tree is standing … Continue reading

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Finno-Ugric area

The original home of the Finno-Ugric peoples is generally believed to be west of the Ural Mountains, in the area of Udmurtia, Perm, Mordva and Mari-El. By 3000 BC, the Baltic-Finnic groups had migrated west to the shores of the … Continue reading

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