Back in Canada

I did get amazing chance to go back to Canada and meet new and old friends. It seems that there is still need to talk more about our connection to nature and what it means.

Lately in my mind has been two topics that i want to share with you.

First, we are part of the nature but it seems that we are many times against it. We are so busy and we are scared to stop. If you stop you may have to be with yourself (with your own nature) and sometimes it is easier just to run all the time. We should feel so safe that it is okay to stop and listen how i am feeling.

Second one. Is the nature out there or in here. We can go and see the nature just by looking out from the window but are we in there then. Try this, close your eyes and think yourself as a tree. Next time when you go out and see a tree, you can understand that what the tree is doing. The nature is so near and it is in us, we just forget that.


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One Response to Back in Canada

  1. Jouko Blom says:

    So true. Every day in my work I see people who are just wondering through life without really looking around or even where they are really going. They seem to to be hollow shells or shadows of what they should have become.

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