Tree worship

At my grandmothers home yard stands a big birch. Its been planted by my grandmothers mother. It is still at the yard today and my grandmother feels that her mother is in the homeland, because the the tree is standing there. It’s holy tree and no one is allowed to cut it down, because there is this believe that someone in the family can get sick or will have nightmares as long as he/she lives if the tree is cutted down.

Woods and trees are part of us and our soul. We have a relationship that has been from the beginning of ages. We, humans, live in our home yard, and where the woods starts, there is a kingdom of animals. We walk in the woods, we pick berries, we hunt, we have wood for fire. We have made our field to woods.

In the woods are the power that we are often afraid, and that power we respect. That is how it use to be, but in these days, do we respect the trees any more? Do we respect that habitat where animals lives and berries grows?

In Finland and in many other countries is strong belief that the spirit goes in to the tree. That kind of tree is ”the sacrifice tree”. We use to give gifts to the tree spirit and this kind of trees has been treated holy. Today we still have these trees in the yards of houses, we protect and pray these trees. It seems that every house has a miniature world tree in the yard, there is believe that the roots of tree goes to underworld and the branches go to upper world. That’s why the trees will send our messages to those who has past away and prayers to gods/goddesses.

We have also memorial trees for important life events. Many child’s has they own tree when they are born, or if someone past away, we can give he/she memorial tree. Also when couples get married, they can plant tree together. This tells a lot about our relationship to trees, we live with them together in the life circles. Trees see our born, our death, our love and all that is important to us in this life.

We hug the trees, we ask from trees what to do. We cry in the forest when we have sorrow and the trees will listen. Go and try, hug a tree and listen what message it has for you. We believe here in the north that the trees can heal you.





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One Response to Tree worship

  1. ramblingtart says:

    I just found your blog today and can’t stop reading. Thank you for sharing these insights and the history of your beliefs and traditions. I am learning so much. 🙂

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